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Darren Mann




Fortunate Son* (Leo Award Winner)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

House of the Witch* (Leo Award Nominee)

Giant Little Ones* (Leo Award Winner)

Embattled* (Leo Award Winner)

Animal Kingdom


The Minute You Wake Up Dead

Darren Mann.jpg
Darren Mann_Georgia Straight.jpg

Since I started acting at the age of eight I’ve trained with approximately fifteen different acting coaches with various styles and techniques. Approximately seven years ago I began working with Rick and I’ve never looked back.


His wealth of knowledge in the acting world is unparalleled. But what drew me most to his coaching style was his unique approach to each individual actor. Something that has always bothered me as an actor, is coaches who teach one style, one technique and it’s their way or the highway; it can unfortunately be a very ego-driven business. Rick completely understands that there is more than one way for the actor to approach a role.


What Rick does is build you from the base up, there are no tricks to get results, he’s going to make you work; this way you’ll actually know and understand why you’re doing each step, building you towards being a confident, in-depth actor who isn’t completely lost when given a new direction and you don’t have an acting coach around to teach you how to do it. (Directors do not have time to teach -- something many actors starting out don’t understand. )

With personalized exercises and homework, he works with you to your strengths to get the best results. I have honestly never met a coach who understands as many approaches, I’ve found his skills to be invaluable. Rick has an unrivaled ability to both teach and then direct students to achieve their maximum potential. There were times that I would hit a block with my skills and I never felt worried, Rick always had a game plan for what we needed to be worked on in order to make me a stronger, more confident actor.


He’s always positive, and wants to make sure his students feel good about themselves and their craft, he truly cares. I personally look forward to working on many many more projects with Rick -- I’m always continuing to learn from him and it’s ALWAYS a positive experience.

Chris McNally



When Calls the Heart


Firefly Lane

Altered Carbon


Sailing into Love

John Apple Jack* (FilmOut Best Actor Award Winner)

Chris McNally.jpg
Chris McNally_North Shore News.JPG

Rick is without doubt one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. He has fantastic natural instincts and an incredible attention to detail, which creates a more layered, nuanced and complex character as well as performance.

Rosie Simon







Rosie Simon.jpg

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a handful of projects with Rick since the very beginning of my career, and with each one I feel like I walk away from it a stronger and more confident actor.

Scarlett Li

Rich Bitch



Scarlett Li.jpg

Rick is a superb teacher who inspires me to look deep inside to find the connection with characters, leading me to jump into roles with greater ease.

BC Lee




Almost Human

The Blue Jet

Blood and Water* (Leo Award Nominee)

BC Lee.jpg

Rick believed I could be an actor, teaching me the craft and techniques to become a better one, by inspiring me as much as he has tamed me!

Dakota Daulby




Black Fly* (UBCP/ACTRA Award Winner)

Wayward Pines* (Leo Award Winner)

Van Helsing

The Last Victim

Billy the Kid

Dakota Daulby.jpg

Working as an actor for a decade, with award-winning roles ranging from feature film leads to TV guest stars and recurring, I've found it is easy to slip into the trap of comfortability.


My work with Rick offers an outside perspective, a unique approach to characters and to the way I find myself preparing for roles. This type of work is both essential and impossible to do on your own. Since working together I've seen growth in my abilities and enthusiasm for the arts; both of which lead to more success in the audition room.


If you are an emerging or established actor who wants a kick in the ass and a way to better capitalize on your opportunities, then I highly recommend Rick Tae.

Paolo Maiolo


Fire Country


The Good Doctor


The Murders


Paolo Maiolo.jpg

Rick is unique in his teaching style in that he doesn't coach every actor with a one size fits all approach. With over 30 years of experience in the industry as an actor and a teacher, he has an innate ability to recognize how you work as an individual as well as identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are.


Whether you're just starting out or working regularly, Rick will bring something fresh and exciting to your craft. One of the best teachers I've had the privilege of working with.

Donald Heng


Kung Fu


Ghost Wars

The Flash

Two Sentence Horror Stories

The Sinners

Donald Heng.jpg

Rick is one of the smartest, most intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. His eye for identifying pitfalls is second to none. He is an expert at stripping away the over-complicating decisions that actors make, which enable them to get to the core of what makes an audition great.

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